10 Receipt Scanner App Options To Save Your Expense Reports

Receipt Tracking Apps

It essentially turns your mobile phone into a portable document scanner. It’s also lightweight, so it takes up hardly any storage in your device. A once painstaking task best left for the end of the month for both business travelers, finance teams, and travel managers can now be completed in real-time with minimal effort. To help find the right fit for your company travel program, we’ve assembled the top-tier applications for your review.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important features to look for in a receipt scanner. You may not need all of them, but use this guide to find the perfect one for your needs. Keeping receipts meticulously categorized is one of the best ways to reduce tax-season stress.

  • However, modern payment systems come with the liberty to pick out duplicate receipts based on their invoice number or any matching information with the original invoice.
  • Even its free plan is incredibly fully featured, giving freelancers and small-business owners a cheap way to prep for tax time and budget for the year.
  • You can simply capture a picture of the receipt and details such as merchant, date and price are automatically coded for faster reimbursement.
  • You can take pictures of your receipts as you get them or in batches.
  • As an alternative, Shoeboxed will send you a “magic envelope.” Fill the envelope with your receipts, business cards, and other documents, then send it back.
  • This is important because Shoeboxed will help you provide expense information on your taxes, making it easier to deduct business expenses from your income.

You are alerted when there is a violation of the spending policies you have established. However, modern payment systems come with the liberty to pick out duplicate receipts based on their invoice number or any matching information with the original invoice. As the dashboard gives you a more brief view of every processed payment, one can quickly spot duplicate costs and work on the cure. A history of your payments can easily tell where you spend the most and offer valuable insights into your spending patterns. You can take advantage of these insights and use them when you create budgets for the coming months. Also, it lets you find out if you have stuck to your budget on a given period or not. Keeping track of your expenses is an important part of managing your overall finances.

Best Expense Tracker Apps And Software: How Do We Test?

Each of these services is free with the app or its web interface. The app handles processing your receipt and filing it in the expense report you’ve already set up, and reports are exported to the email address of your choosing. Sole proprietors, LLC holders, and freelancers have the ability to write off expenses when it’s time to file taxes, but how do you know what to expense? If you’re anything like most people, the short answer is to track everything and keep each receipt — then at tax time, sort through it all with your accountant. Simply use the tool to snap a photo of your receipt whether you’re in the office, at home, or offsite, and it’ll recognize the text on the document.

It has the feature of taking the required data from the image you upload of any bill or receipt. While in a project, your team can figure out their spending, and also their expenses can be monitored by you. Let us now look through some of the best expense tracking apps for your business. Smart Receipts was designed for business professionals who spend a lot of time traveling for work, which is why the app stores and categorizes expenses by trip. You can photograph and upload physical receipts or generate a text receipt, where you can add comments for a more detailed explanation of what each expense entails. We recently reevaluated our top receipt-scanning picks and moved Zoho Expense into our number one spot.

Receipt Tracking Apps

Then, you can access those files through the web browser or via email. Your data will always stay safe and secure, thanks to the company’s encryption technology. The WellyBox app is a great way to scan receipts from any business that accepts credit cards or debit cards as payment.

How We Evaluated Apps To Scan Receipts

The Enterprise plan costs $9.99 per month and includes 1,000 scans per month. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll take a picture of the receipt you receive. The app will use this information to track how much money you spend and what you’re spending your money on. To help people follow there budgets, many budget tracking apps have appeared. Abukai also integrates seamlessly with your FreshBooks cloud accounting software and will post these expense entries to FreshBooks for you.

Abacus uses geo-location technology suggesting restaurants, etc., to help users. That said, the products that glean the most data from receipt images are Certify Now and Rydoo, a key reason why both earned our Editors’ Choice award. Integrated text feature that speeds up reporting and reimbursement process. Expense tracking is one of the least enjoyable aspects of business accounting. Here are nine of the most notable we’ve tested to help make this chore a snap.

IPhone or iPad users, there’s a mobile receipt scanner just for you. You’ve probably heard of Evernote as an amazing note taking app, but it’s a multipurpose tool that can be used for even more organization needs. Just like most mobile scanners in this list, you have the ability to preview the scan, discard, or retake the photo if the first image isn’t clear enough.

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With the mobile app, you can organize the data as you see fit, and the built-in tools make it easy to track expenses. The app saves you lots of time in this respect, avoiding manual input and paper-based expense reporting. In terms of capabilities, you can upload receipts via the app or email.

  • Combine automated expense tracking with easy invoicing and payment collection so that you can focus on growing your business.
  • Plus, you want to make sure that the app is going to provide everything you need, including the right features and functionality.
  • With Expensify, all you have to do is keep your receipts from each purchase you make.
  • There are more comprehensive alternatives such as Quickbooks, which are all-encompassing accounting and administrative software.
  • Also, it lets you find out if you have stuck to your budget on a given period or not.
  • Today’s smartphones come loaded with powerful applications that help us manage both our work and personal lives.
  • Keeping receipts meticulously categorized is one of the best ways to reduce tax-season stress.

The mobile receipt scanning app ensures that you can keep track of payments from wherever you are. Instead of keeping all of your receipts in a bulky mess to add up manually, it makes organizing your transactions an absolute breeze. We’ve spent time using the best expense tracker apps and software collection assembled here to see just how well suited it is for business use. Choosing the best receipt scanner app for your needs requires a deep analysis of your business process and requirements. Then, go back to this list and find the software that best fits your needs. Expense tracker apps help you gain control of your personal and business finances. Many of these apps also monitor your credit, help you pay down debt, and send invoices to customers.

It’s easily the most fully featured expense-tracking and receipt-scanning app we’ve found, and it works perfectly for freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations alike. Additionally, Wave Accounting no longer offers Wave Receipts as a separate receipt-scanning app, so we removed it from our list.

Having a vast array of features and extensive automation capabilities, Expensify is easily the best expense tracker app that you can use for your business. It’s hardly a wonder that it’s been endorsed by organizations such as the AICPA. Dext Prepare has features that can fit seamlessly into major accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage Accounting. We recommend Dext Prepare because it won’t be hard to implement since it can integrate with popular accounting software. Moreover, Dext will release more apps in the future, which will eventually become an interconnected software environment for business needs.

Save everything locally, you lose control over how much space those photos consume. In addition, these types of scanners aren’t very good at recognizing text. They might recognize numbers correctly, but anything else could end up being misread.

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This receipt scanner works for both Windows and Mac computers so you can use it in an office with different operating systems. No one’s favorite part of the day is scanning receipts so Smart Receipts makes this task a little less mundane. Designed by a travel consultant, this receipt scanning app was built with speed, portability, and accessibility in mind. Create expense reports directly within the app and export them to your colleagues or tax preparer right from your phone. The app works quickly — it takes just as long as snapping a photo and can handle different report types. You’ll finally get those receipts off your desk and into action with Shoeboxed. Manual entry of receipts isn’t required, simply snap a photo of the document and upload it to the system.

Wave receipts lets you track your expenses and import that information with Wave’s built-in accounting software. With Abukai, you don’t need to manually input data from your receipts, categorize your expenses or worry about exchange rates—the app does it all for you. The right receipt-tracking app can make it easier to reimburse employees for business expenses.

Autoentry Simplifies Receipt Scanning And Organization

Approvers and finance teams will never have to question your spending. Attach digital copies of your receipts to your expenses as proof of your expenditures. As the expense ranges are usually dynamic based on various factors, your finance team will have to do hard math in figuring out future business spending. Receipt Tracking Apps Feeding them with precise data can simplify their work and help them make accurate predictions and planning. You spend a considerable amount in reimbursing your employee’s business expenses. But if you have no proof for any of these expenses, you wouldn’t know where the money is exactly spent.

Receipt Tracking Apps

It reduces the workload of accounting personnel and ensures proper control over expenses. The best expense tracker app for investors is Personal Capital because you can view all of your investment and bank accounts in one app. It gives investment tools, advice, expense categorization, and helps you stay on top of upcoming bills. Owned by Intuit, QuickBooks is a leader in business accounting and bookkeeping. Its app helps small businesses track expenses, send invoices, and manage most financial aspects of a business.

Get analytics on the actual spending vs the budget initially set and stay on top of your spending. Not just for all business teams, Zoho has helped the accounting team as well. A remarkable thing about the Zoho experience, is the constant support they give us, for every little query. Just add them in bulk and Zoho Expense will convert them into individual expenses. Spend policies are a must if you wish to have a close watch over your financial standing. They regulate the debits that go out of our account, set limits on the amount set on each category, and administer travel policies.

Her work has been featured on SCORE.org, G2, and Fairygodboss, among others. ExpensePath does well as an expense tracking solution for small and midsized businesses with an intuitive interface, decent customization, and a nice price, too. Concur Expense is a mature tracking product with a newly redesigned mobile app; together, they deliver all-encompassing expense tracking. Offers international expense tracking with optical character recognition scanning. Historically, expense reporting has been a manual process predominantly. But, with amazing automation features from Zoho Expense, you don’t have to carry out mundane expense reporting tasks anymore. Process expense reimbursements in a faster, more efficient manner.

In addition, a receipt scanner app helps prevent identity theft since there is no way to forge a legitimate receipt anymore. Wave is more focused on nurturing small businesses to their full potential. It has hi-tech software that is simple to handle https://www.bookstime.com/ and secure to manage your expenses. You can try the free version, for it is easy to use and provides you the pathway to think in the right direction for your business expenses. It helps you track costs while moving, at home, or in your office.

Pocketguard is perfect you’re often in the position where you’re feeling a little bit nervous about just how much you’re spending. This is a financial management app, for both Mac OS and Android, plus there’s a desktop edition too. VAT is automatically calculated and mileage expenses are calculated at HMRC rates. For organizations, it’s possible to set policies about spending limits and to monitor an employee’s expenditure or any policy violation. The addition of instant approval makes life easier for both the business and employee.

The problem with paper receipts is that it’s easy to lose such an important document. By immediately uploading these into an expense tracker app, you save space and time instead of having to dig through a shoebox full of receipts come tax time. If you have a hard time hanging on to paper receipts, Expensify can help . You can import digital copies of bank and credit card receipts under $75, which are guaranteed as legal and accepted by the IRS. In addition, Expensify incorporates optical character recognition with its SmartScan feature, which can automatically match electronic copies of receipts to expense entries.

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Support your independent contractor expense tracking with live bank connections for real-time updates. QuickBooks also handles payment processing and invoicing, integrating with numerous payment apps. If you travel frequently, Expensify makes sense as a tool for managing your receipts. It works like many other expense trackers by letting you enter transactions manually or automatically using data pulled directly off credit cards. Attractively and intuitively designed with millennial sensibilities in mind, Wally is an integrated expense tracker app with appealing graphics and social features. Wally centralizes your accounts to provide insight into your spending habits. This is accomplished by syncing with your financial accounts and using artificial intelligence.

You can choose its free version to try where it provides many features. Other than that, you can even create your personalized template according to your needs.